Charlottesville: I can’t be silent. None of us can.

The last few days have made it very difficult to feel pride at being an American. The violence and hatred at a racist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, capped off by a terrorist attack by a Nazi killing and wounding innocent people, should horrify any thinking person. Add to this the deep and disturbing failure by President Donald Trump to denounce the Nazis and their toadies until it was too late to do any good, and what we have in the past few days is a picture of an America that is totally unacceptable. I haven’t been able to talk much about what happened in Charlottesville, but this is an issue of such importance that we all must speak out. Silence is consent, and I do not consent.

We can’t let these vile and hate-filled people take over our country–and they are trying mightily to do exactly that. They also think…

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